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Real-life escape rooms are a new concept and we opened the first Escape Game Company in Georgia. We design all of our games in house with the most immersive technology and with spacious rooms. If you have a large team or party we will host you in our large briefing room where we will have seating for everyone. After a briefing video your team will enter one of our themed game room(s), where you will watch a video to immerse you into the storyline. Then the countdown clock starts and your team will have one hour to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and investigate everything to make it out in time! Teamwork and communication are critical – it’s the perfect activity for friends, families, co-workers, couples, and is great for meeting new people. It’s the most action-packed hour in Atlanta. Come put your skills to the test, and unlock your potential!


Corporate Team Building Fun!
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