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About Sawnee EMC

Sawnee EMC is a non-profit, member owned electric cooperative that prides itself on providing reliable, competitively priced electric service.

Sawnee has a diverse seven county service territory northeast of Atlanta and provides dependable electricity to over 150,000 members. Maintaining 9,890 miles of line, answering approximately 1,500 calls a day, and processing an average of 7,800 payments per day, Sawnee exemplifies superior abilities to serve members with ease and convenience.

Because the control center is in operation and the employees are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there should never be a question of dedication, dependability or response time.

Sawnee EMC is actively involved in the communities they serve... the communities in which the employees live and work. Sawnee's dedication to providing a higher quality of life in the service area is measured only by the satisfaction of the members.

With over 72 years of excellence as a foundation, Sawnee EMC will strive to continue the exceptional record of service and ''raise the bar'' to the next level. Remember…

“At Sawnee EMC, We’re More Than Electricity, We’re Service”