Human Resource Management

About Us

intHRaction is a Software as a Service (SaaS) based, collaborative performance management platform that automatically captures small data points from the interactions of employees in an organization.  These data points, in turn, are used to request feedback from all members of the company on individual employee's assigned goals and objectives.  

intHRaction provides real-time and on-going performance feedback for employees, managers, and executives. By capturing small data points at the completion of meetings or interactions with peers regarding meeting cooperation and collaboration, employees, managers and senior leaders all have the ability to see real-time feedback and gauge where everyone stands within the organization. Managers have the ability to understand the interactions that are taking place daily in meetings and use that information in 1 on 1's, Coaching Sessions and Performance Reviews.  Goal and Objective tracking paired with feedback from all members of the organization that an employee interacts with provides the critical information needed to proactively and frequently assess and communicate employee performance. It simplifies the information gathering and reporting associated with the traditional Performance Review process and ensures that all members of an organization provide feedback on the individuals they interact with during the normal course of business operations. The platform is offered to businesses via a monthly per-user subscription.


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