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Our love for the natural tastes of Brazil

Our premium all-you-can-eat experience is the most recognized cuisine in our country, Brazil. The “churrasco” is a cooking technique originated south Brazil in the early 1800s. Cooked by our Gauchos, our choo-has-sco consists of a nonstop parade of up to 16 different cuts of meat from filet mignons to ribeyes, to rack of lamb to chicken and pork. But make sure you pace yourself because we have a gourmet table. Featuring 50+ signature dishes between seafood, hot dishes, specially designed salads, imported cheese selections, charcuterie meats, and more. Join us for a culinary voyage to Brazil and back on the same day!

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Tomawhok Every Day!
Picanha - Top Sirloin
Gourmet Table: 54+ Different Item including salads, seafoods, cheese selection.
Lobster bisque Soup
Mansell Rd, Alpharetta
 Main Dinning
Homemade Desserts