Facilocate, Inc.

Facilocate, Inc.



About Us

Facilocate is an independent advisor that works side-by-side with clients, affording them the benefit of professional facilities operation and relocation expertise without adding full-time staff. Facilocate provides the planning and coordination to successfully move a client to their destination.

Relocation disrupts staff, productivity, and momentum if managed improperly. Early in the process, Facilocate identifies and bridges the gaps between the design, construction, transportation, and compliance functions of a move. If a business misses logistical details during the transition, it could severely impact core functions and their client base. Facilocate reduces the stress of change with precise planning, clear direction, timely communication, and logistical expertise.

Facilocate navigates the journey so you can concentrate on the destination.


  • FACILOCATE: Verb | Fa~cil~o~cate | to make relocating easier, to help bring about a painless relocation
  • FACILOCATE: Noun | Fa~cil~o~cate | the proper name of an advisory firm that facilitates relocation's or moves
  • ORIGIN: from Latin <facilis,facere> to do and Latin <locare> to place
  • FIRST KNOWN USE: 2017, State of Georgia, USA
  • SYNONYMS:click, deliver the goods, get there, go like clockwork ANTONYMS:chaos, behind schedule, over budget, boondoggle