Cyviz, LLC



About Us

Cyviz is a global provider of high performance visualization, collaboration and command & control environments. By applying ourselves to making our customers' lives simpler, we have created a formula for product integration on a systems level that has become the industry benchmark. Our groundbreaking technology represents a paradigm shift in the way organizations deploy, use and support large numbers of feature rich collaboration environments. The beauty of The Cyviz Experience is in its simplicity: intuitive to operate; easy to connect; uncomplicated to expand; simple to maintain. In short: High-end visual collaboration made easy. Cyviz is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway with regional offices in Houston, Washington DC, Dubai, Riyadh, Beijing, and Singapore.


  • Delivers technology for multipurpose collaboration, high-performance visualization and operations centers
  • Enterprise-ready, turnkey solutions
  • Global provider of meeting rooms
  • Brings IT simplicity to AV