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About Us

Since 1990, CTS has been helping Travel Management Companies reconcile hotel bookings with actual stays.

Travel Management Companies know that in between hotel rooms that were ''booked'' and those that were actually ''consumed,'' there exists an ambiguous world of multiple payment systems, poor data and lack of transparency.

Into this breach steps CTS.

We are the preeminent data management company in the field. We've helped our clients collect more commissions, win more corporate business and become more profitable. Soon, CTS will be providing a hotel payment portal that hotels will use to pay commissions directly to TMCs.

A longtime expert in hotel booking, reconciliation & resolution services, CTS has been in business for more than 20 years.

More than 150 clients trust CTS to manage their hotel commissions. We work with many of the top 50 TMCs, as well as smaller firms. Through the years, we have:
-Recovered more than $70 million in hotel commissions.
-Developed relationships with 5,000 hotels globally.
-Managed and collected other commissionable data for our clients, including car, cruise and tour.

Our success is based on the client trust we have built through successful policy compliance, cost reduction, strategic vendor alignment and tailored service platforms in both on-line and off-line environments.

CTS is guided by principles of honesty, fair play, mutual respect and diversity. We build collaborative partnerships with clients, vendors, and business partners. We believe one party cannot benefit from a relationship unless all parties involved benefit.