Cracker Barrel



About Us

Rising above America’s Interstate highways, a familiar sign greets travelers and local communities alike. Eggs break, biscuits bake, the scent of homestyle cooking rises. A cash register dings, chairs rock, checkers pass the time.

More than 45 years ago, a Tennessee man named Dan Evins saw an unmet need. The Interstate was expanding—connecting people to new places—but people on the move couldn’t count on a consistent, quality place to stop along the way. To stretch their legs, refuel, and find a good meal at a fair price. Evins had a vision to build an old country store to meet their needs—a place that preserved the ingredients of country life to share with travelers on the road and families from nearby.

Before Evins knew it, the idea was much bigger than him. Built by hard work, a mission of Pleasing People, strong values and Southern hospitality, the cooks, wait staff, operators and Evins Uncle Herschel McCartney—described as the “soul” of Cracker Barrel created more than a refreshing stop along one’s journey. They set an iconic American table for generations to come.

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