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About Us

More than two decades ago, Kevin Caldwell went into business laser-focused on his goal: providing the best tree and plant care service in metro Atlanta. Ever since, the arborists and plant care professionals from Caldwell Tree Care have been walking the grounds of Atlanta-area residential and commercial property owners. On every visit, every tree and every plant gets our expert scrutiny.

We routinely:
look for clues of emerging problems in new or existing trees, shrubs and plants.
offer ways to enhance the beauty and value of your landscape’s living assets.
help you set up a reliable, affordable regimen for tree and plant care.
leave you with the confidence that your trees and plants are getting the care they need.
stand ready to serve you with millions of dollars of modern, highly specialized equipment.
To deliver superior service, we continually raise our own performance standards. Our goal: When the youngest tree on your property reaches maturity, Caldwell Tree Care will still be keeping it healthy.