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Athletic Republic is not simply a place to work out. It's where you will become a better athlete. We're the premier destination for individualized, highly effective, sport-specific training that's like no other.
Athletic Republic’s training systems are the culmination of more than 30 years of experience improving athletic performance. What began in the 1990s as a collaboration between sports medicine professionals, athletic trainers, and elite coaches evolved into an advanced training system with an evidence-based approach. It unites proprietary equipment, sport-specific and age-appropriate training protocols, and highly qualified trainers to deliver programs that help athletes improve their speed, power, agility, and stamina. The new sports performance training center will offer Acceleration Training for youth and teen athletes who want to improve their performance on the field, track, or court. In addition to helping them develop greater speed, explosive power, and agility, Athletic Republic’s protocols also focus on building dynamic stability, which can be key in preventing injuries. The classes follow a progression that accounts for an athlete’s strengths, areas for improvement, specific demands of their sport, season, and goals. Class size is limited to allow for individual attention from the certified trainers.
Adults will also be able to benefit from the new center’s AR-FIT program. These one-hour classes are great for adults of any fitness level who wish to get stronger, get in shape, lose weight, and/or perform better in tennis, golf, or any other active pursuits


Children Acceleration Training
Dynamic Warm Up - Adults
AR - Fit training Teenagers backpedalling on super treadmills