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About Us

Deciding when, how, and where to find home care or move a loved one in a senior living community can be overwhelming. Assisted Living Locators North Atlanta offers the unbiased advice and guidance families need to find the support and lifestyle their senior deserves. We partner with families to make finding care as simple and quick as possible - at no cost. Like a real estate agent, we're paid if you make a move.

We’re experts with the care options in North Fulton and Cobb. We work right here, at a local level, when and how a family needs us. Once we understand a senior’s needs, we create a customized plan to match, tour communities to help you find the best choice, and guide you through every step of the decision-making process. We streamline the process by doing all the legwork and never share confidential contact information unless you ask us to.

With certified training in the issues most seniors face, our only obligation is to make sure that we help each family find the best solution - both now and in the future.