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About Us

The City of Alpharetta (“COA”) formed the Alpharetta Technology Commission (“ATC”) in 2012, and the ATC was granted 501c(6) nonprofit trade association status in 2015. At the time of its formation in 2012, the City’s predominant industry was, and continues to be, technology, and the City is home to more than 640 technology companies. The ATC consisted of a strategic advisory board of local tech C-levels charged with identifying and pursue key investment opportunities and policy decisions for the City’s technology companies and its robust technology sector.

Tech Alpharetta. The ATC changed its name to “Tech Alpharetta” in September 2017, to reflect the growth and evolution of the organization. Today, Tech Alpharetta’s mission remains the same–to help grow technology and innovation in Alpharetta–but it now includes three service pillars: